Accurate Welding     

Precision Electron Beam Welding – Laser & Plasma Arc Welding

If your company wants some of the most experienced welders working for them, with the ability to cut your welding and joining cost up to 50% give us a call today.  We have all new and upgraded Electron Beam, TIG, Micro Tig and Resistance welding equipment.  Accurate Welding specializes in small parts, small diameter parts, tubing, die repair, medical, sensor, semi conductor, aerospace and commercial parts.  We can weld almost any material and wide variety of dissimilar metals combinations.  

Our Windsor Locks, CT based Nadcap Accredited engineers specialize in solving welding engineering problems, weld failure analysis, eliminating weld defects, soldering and brazing.  We provide procedure and techniques to solve your arc, MIG, TIG, laser, electron beam, resistance, or plasma welding procedures.  We provide solutions to steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, or titanium welding processes.   Our Principal Engineer has experience in Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel alloys, and various types of metals and welding procedures including aircraft, industrial machinery, ships, and under sea pipelines.  We can solve your soldering, brazing, and welding problems.

  • We specialize in complex joints and parts manufactured for space, aircraft, medical applications 
  • Our Electon Beam Welding team has over 40 years of experince in electron beam welding. 
  • Our TIG welding team has been welding some of the most complex parts for over 25 years
  • Our welders have a minimum of five year of experience

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