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Accurate Welding Services

Electron Beam Welding

We provide welding engineering solutions to our customers joining problems. Our specialities are autogenous welding procedures such as electron beam welding, resistance, TIG, plasma, and laser. Accurate Welding Services can also perform common procedures such as flux cored arc welding, MIG,  arc welding. Our goal is to identify problems and specify techniques to enhance customer capabilities.  Examples of AWS’s experience includes Aircraft, Gas Turbine Engines, Space & Satilite Medical Instruments, Ships, Machine Tools,  Die repair, Gas Turbine Engines and Food Service Industries.

Our services include a range of welding, soldering and brazing processes using various alloys. If you do not see information on your specific joining process or alloy system please contact us about your individual needs.

We have four Hamilton Standard High Voltage 150kv machines. 1 PTR machine, 3 Leybold 52x36x40 full CNC 15 Kw all motion and beam settings manual or CNC control All with low pump down times that yield lower costs and higher production rates.  Weld Penetrations of .001 -5.00 in a single pass.

  • 1 HAMILTON STANDARD 36 x 28 x 30 chamber  3Kw 150kv @ 20 ma.  Fine beam control and precision X, Y, rotary table controls.  High vacuum of 10-4mm, 45 second pump down time.
  • 1PTR 30x24x36 150 @ 50 ma.IKE beam current control for high speed beam pulsing.  Precision X, Y, rotary table controls. Full CNC control of all beam settings,High vacuum of 10-4m, 45second pump down time.
  • 1 HAMILTON STANDARD 52 x 36 x 36 chamber 7.5Kw 150kv @ 50 ma.  Ribbon filament.  Programable  beam current control.X, Y, rotary table.  Chamber extensions up to 200 inches  High vacuum of 10-4mm, 3 minute pump down time (without extensions)
  • 1. Leybold 52 x 36 x 40 chamber High Vacuum Chamber and pumped column vacuum 10-4mm seam tracker, IKE Bias Control,     SCR High Voltage Regulation, x-y-rotary, pulses, ribbon filament.
  • 1 Leybold six axis CNC controlled machine 52x36x40 chamber computer controlled x, y, a, rotary, high voltage, beam current, beam focus, 25 Kw wire feeder, seam tracking.
  • 1 Hamilton Standard W-2 144x66x66 ribbon filament, SCR high voltage control, ILE fast bias control 25Kw 10-4mm high vacuum Manual Control

GTAW (TIG Welders)

  • We have five TIG welding machines for producing high quality welds in all materials like; copper, titanium, stainless steel, nickle, high and low carbon steel, tool steels and aluminum.
  • 2 LINCOLN square wave 255amp  TIG welders with rotary fixtures.
  • 2 MILLER 350 amp AC/DC Inverter, programable 1-350amps
  • 1L-TEC inverter 300 amp TIG welder 1-250amps

1 Thermodynamics Plasma welder manual or programable controls

  • 1 10kva 4″ throat 12″ diameter press type
  • 3 3kva Raytheon spot welders
  • 1 10kva stud welder
  • 1 Ewald Spot Welder

Calibration and Inspection

  • 4 Stereo zoom microscopes
  • 1 Optical vidio inspection system 5 – 100x magnification
  • Various Verniers, Micrometers and Height gauges
  • Gage Pins and Size Blocks
  • Miltimeters for calibration of electrical equipment and meters
  • 1 Leybold LE-100 Helium Mass Spectrometer
  • 4 Surface Plates

Machine Shop

  • 1 EXCELLO Milling Machine
  • 1 CLAUSING 8″ Lathe
  • 1 Band Saw
  • 2 Belt Sanders, 3 Grinders & Buffing Machines
  • 2 Drill Presses
  • 1 30″ Brake / Shear / Roller

Other Equipment

  • 1 Thermo Dynamic Plasma Cutter up to 1″ cuts (Programable)
  • Oxy Acetylene cutting and brazing torches
  • 1 20 ton Arbor press
  • 1 pre-heat and stress relieve oven 24x24x24
  • 1 Greeve stress relieve oven 30x30x60

We also have a new destructive testing lab for cutting polishing mounting photographing and a aliasing samples before welding production parts.