Accurate Welding     

About Us

Accurate Welding Sevices customers include a wide variety of respected aerospace, electronics, scientific research, nuclear and general manufacturing companies as many industrial and commercial manufacturers throughout the United States and Europe.

The reputation of Accurate Welding Sevices for excellence and all around competence remains the cornerstone of our continued growth. Our knowledge and experience and facilities are amount the best in the world.

Our metallurgical knowledge, welding experience, technical expertise and an uncompromising familiarity with diverse welding processes make Accurate Welding Sevices the first choice of the industry’s most demanding customers.

  • NADCAP Accredited                                             
  • Boeing BAC-5975 Fusion Welding
  • Bombardier CVA-17-12 Fusion Welding of Aluminum alloys
  • AWS-D17.1 Applications for fusion welding for aerospace applications
  • ASME Section IV Boiler Code for TIG and Electron Beam
  • JET AVION CORPORATION Arc, Gas Tungsten,Electron Beam, Friction Welding
  • MIL-W-1595A Aircraft and Missle Welding
  • MIL-STD-2219A Department of Defence Fusion welding for aerospace applications
  • MIL-STD-46132 Electron Beam Welding
  • NASA Marshall Space Flight Center MSFC-SPEC-560A
  • PATS AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS PS-1-PATS Gas Tungsten Arc and Resistance Welding
  • AMS 2681 Electron Beam Welding for Fatigue Critical Joints
  • AMS 2680 Electron Beam Welding
  • HS-1442 United Technologies Aircraft Systems
  • HS-191 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding United Technologies Aircraft Systems